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Rod and Mirani Keillor Truffle Hunting

After 12 years of patience and tending their truffiere owners Rod and Mirani Keillor were rewarded with a crop of 502g of Perigoid Black truffle on Saturday the 10th of July, 2015. 

“There is mystery, folklore and science around the factors needed to stimulate fruiting,” said Mr Keillor. “This year the stars were aligned for us. It’s a satisfying and exciting time and is yet another first for the region.”

The Périgoid black truffle, a melanosporum fungus, fruits from June to August about 10cm below ground on the roots of the host tree. In a good example of nature at work, the hazelnut host trees provide the necessary carbohydrates and conditions for the truffle to grow and the truffles provide the trees with the necessary nuterients.

Rissa, an Italian lagotto romagnolo, was trained specifically for truffle hunting.She always left the truffiere her tail wagging after a productive day hunting and digging for truffles. Sadly she passed away on the 27 dec 2019 after being a wonderful companion and giving 10 years of great service. 


For Central Otago, the Black Quail truffle and Pinot Noir will provide another arrow in the region’s celebrated food and wine quiver.

Media contact: Mirani Keillor, Proprietor

M: 027 4242462


For more information on truffles click here, and on the truffle hunting dog team click here.

Rod and Mirani Keillor Truffle Hunting
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