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Our Olives



Rod and Mirani Keillor Harvesting Olives

Thirty olive trees were planted in 2001. The aim was to produce pickling olives. We planted Uovo di Piccione and Mission. Very little attention was paid to these and our philosophy was to let them grow with minimal or no watering.


We harvested as late as possible as conditions are marginal in central otago. We pickled some but our crops were poor until an unusually good year in 2019, when we were able to harvest enough for 10 litres of oil. As a result we have decided to water these regularly for personal oil consumption.

After picking we take our olives to Steve who  will create a wonderfully peppery and green oil for us, fantastic for dipping and great on our home made focaccia bread, and really anything else we can put it on, even icecream!

Mirani Keillor Harvesting Olives
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